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Upcoming Events:

Covid-19 has basically put a stop to all of my upcoming 2020 events. Until next year when we can be sure what is happening, this page will not be updated until then.


  • March 21-22nd: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • April 3-4th: Cosxpo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • May 29-31st: London MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • July: Anime Expo (USA) (Cancelled)
  • August 1-2nd: Manchester MCM Expo (UK) (TBC) (Cancelled)
  • August 28-31st: Viencon (NL) (Cancelled)
  • October: London MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • November: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK) (Cancelled)
  • November: DokiDoki (UK) (Cancelled)
  • TBC: Animecon, C4 Finals (NL) (Cancelled)


  • March 23rd-24th: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)
  • April 5th-6th: CosXpo (UK) (Guest)
  • May 17th-19th: Otafest (CA) (Guest)
  • May 24th-26th: London MCM Expo (UK)
  • July 25th-August 4th: World Cosplay Summit 2019 (JP) (Alumni)
  • August 30th-September 2nd: Viencon (NL)
  • September 20-22nd: Saiyacon (Guest)
  • October 19th: Level Up! Bristol (UK) (Guest)
  • October 24th-26th: London MCM Expo (UK) (C4 Qualifier Winner)
  • November: 23rd-24th: Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)


  • November Birmingham MCM Expo (UK) (Cosplay Judge)
  • Rai Con Winter (UK) (Guest)
  • October London MCM Expo (UK) (Cosplay Judge)
  • EGX (Guest)
  • Viencon (NL)
  • Anifest (BG) (Guest)
  • World Cosplay Summit (JP) (Team UK Rep)
  • May London MCM Expo (UK) (WCS Qualifier Winner)
  • East European Comic Con (RO)
  • Level Up! Bristol (UK)
  • Brighton Beach Comicon (UK)
  • Pride Performance Open Day (UK) (Deadlift Contest Winner)
  • CosXpo (UK)
  • March Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)


  • Doki Doki Manchester (UK)
  • October London MCM Expo (UK)
  • London Science Museum Lates (UK)
  • EGX (UK) (Guest) (Official Ubisoft Rep)
  • Kitacon (UK)
  • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
  • Worthing Comicon (UK)
  • May London MCM Expo (UK)
  • March Birmingham MCM Expo (UK)
  • Liverpool MCM Expo (UK)


  • Rai Con Winter (UK) (Guest)
  • October London MCM Expo (UK)
  • Scotland MCM Expo (UK)
  • Alcon (UK)
  • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
  • Animecon (NL) (Bordercos Winner)
  • May London MCM Expo (UK) (Masquerade Winner)
  • Kitacon (UK)
  • Liverpool MCM Expo (UK)
  • Katsucon (USA) (Best Dressed At The Ball)


    • October London MCM Expo (UK)
    • DBZ: Resurrection F Showcase Liverpool (UK)
    • Scotland MCM Expo (UK)
    • Brighton Costume Games (UK)
    • Alcon (UK)
    • Kitacon (UK)
    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Manchester Film & Comicon (UK)
    • May London MCM Expo (UK)
    • May BodyPower Expo (UK)
    • Bolton Comicon (UK)


    • October Play Expo Manchester (UK)
    • Scotland MCM Expo (UK)
    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Kitacon (UK)


    • Onecon (UK)
    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Gemucon (UK)


    • Manchester MCM Expo (UK)
    • Alcon (UK)
    • GeekClubNights (UK)


    • URBIS Manchester Manga Exhibition (UK)
    • London MCM Expo (UK)
    • Midlands MCM Expo (UK)


    • Naruto Day Manchester (UK) (Male Cosplay Runner-Up)